General References and Apps

The number of reference tools out there is growing by the day. Here's a curated list of a few of our favorites. All of these resources that are either public domain, free with log-in, or super low-cost that we feel it's worth the minimal financial investment. We have no financial incentives or conflicts of interest with these companies. We just find them helpful and thought you might too. Is there an awesome new app or website we're missing? Let us know about it at the link at the bottom of the page.

Family Practice Notebook

"A rapid access, point-of-care medical reference for primary care and emergency clinicians."

$19.99/year and TOTALLY worth it

Grep Med

"Pinterest for physicians. Find free algorithms, checklists, guidelines, and more."


MD Calc

"Calculations, process algorithms and scores"


Clinical Problem Solvers

Visual Diagnostic Schema


Journal Club App

"CliffsNotes for medical research"

$6.99 one time fee, worth it

Straight Healthcare

"Comprehensive and concise, evidence-based medical information"

$8-10/month, not necessary if your institution has a subscription to something similar, but very worth it in general

Isabel Healthcare

"The Differential Diagnosis Generator"

$149 Annually, way too expensive but worth it if you can get your institution to pay for it